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  • Buena Vista + Room Bag

    No need to drill holes in the coach for installation, simply attach to existing awning, no other tools required!

    Comes in an easy-to-store bag. The Buena Vista packs up small but opens up big.

  • Buena Vista + Room Rafter

    The Buena Vista's support rafters keep both a taut canopy and the room sealed up tight.

  • Buena Vista + Room Rafter

    The ends of the Buena Vista lock up tight against the vehicle and the roller or awning case without drilling or permanent mounts.

  • Buena Vista + Room

    The Buena Vista increases living space and allows enjoyment of the outdoors.

  • Buena Vista + Room Setup

    No drilling or dealer installation required!



  • Fabric: Tent material
  • Color: Gray with dark gray trim
  • Fits Awning Canopy Extension: 8' (standard)
  • Fits traditional manual and 12V awnings with vertical arms in sizes:
  • And Carefree Campout and Freedom awnings in sizes:
    3 Meter (9', 10")
    3.5 Meter (11', 6")
    4 Meter (13', 1")
    4.5 Meter (14', 9")
    5 Meter (16', 5")
  • Weight: approx. 36 - 51 lbs. depending on length.

Mounting Requirements

10'-21' awnings

Patio Awning with center arm to center arm measurements of 10'-21' with Awning rail to ground measurement of 86" to 120".

3M-5M Carefree Campout or Freedom awnings

Size refers to Campout (end of bag to end of bag) or Freedom (end of case to end of case) measurements. Fits awnings with a bottom of case or bag to ground measurements of 86" to 120".

Packaged Buena Vista Includes

Room, skirting, ground stakes, two rafter arms, tote-style storage bag, small storage bag for stakes, and installation/owner's manual.