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  • Economical
  • Easy No Wand Remote Lock
  • Matching Color Castings
  • Single Track Slider
  • Available with FLXguard Protection
  • Available with Premium Fabrics

Carefree Fiesta Models

  • Fiesta Awning

    Fiesta with FLXguard

    FLXguard is the latest innovation from Carefree. This patent pending lightweight yet highly robust weatherguard offers the same protection properties of more expensive, heavier metal wraps but at a fraction of the cost.

  • Fiesta Awning

    Standard Fiesta

    Vinyl Patio Awning with Vinyl Weatherguard - Fiesta's double-wrap, multi-layer vinyl canopy with vinyl Weatherguard looks better and lasts longer. Don't settle for the single weight, no-Weatherguard construction of other brands. Also available in PolyWeave vinyl.

  • Armored Fiesta Awning

    Fiesta Armored

    Vinyl Patio Awning with Alumaguard - Get the features of the Standard Fiesta plus Carefree's patented no-leak Alumaguard. Alumaguard available in Satin, Black, or White.

  • Fiesta LTD Awning

    Fiesta LTD

    Acrylic Patio Awning with Alumaguard - The Durability of a Wrap-Around Aluminum Shield AND . . . The Beauty of the Finest Woven Acrylic Canopy! Carefree's patented no-leak Alumaguard protects your awning from the harsh effects of the sun. Alumaguard available in Satin, Black, or White.

Fiesta Built-In Features:

The Best Fabrics

Double-wrap, multi-layer vinyl Weatherguard looks better and lasts longer. Other brands feature single-weight, no-Weatherguard construction. The multi-layer vinyl canopy is the best awning fabric available. Competitors use single piece no-Weatherguard fabric.

  • Remote and Storage Locks

    Remote Lock and Storage Locks

    Remote Lock and Storage Locks work together to ensure awning does not come unlocked during travel. The no-wand Remote Lock provides for easy operation without the risk of scratching your RV. Eliminates the need to stretch, probe and fish for the roller lock.

  • Canopy Clamps

    Canopy Clamps

    Canopy clamps are built-in and self-storing to keep your awning tight and wrinkle-free.

  • Heavy Duty Brackets

    Heavy-Duty Brackets

    Heavy-duty brackets are solid, rugged, and match the trim of most RVs. White arms have white castings while all other colors have black castings.

  • Single Track Slider

    Single Track Slider

    Single Track Slider on the inside of the arm channels eliminates rafter binding during set-up and storage.

    Hardware arm channels are the strongest available for years of performance.



Arm Specifications and Colors

Strongest arm channels made. "Never-rust" extruded aluminum roller. Available in Satin, Black, or White.

Fiesta Vinyl Awning

Made with the best vinyl fabric available (same as the Spirit FX).

Fiesta Armored Vinyl Awning with Alumaguard

Vinyl Awning with Alumaguard. Same as Fiesta vinyl, but protected by Carefree's no-leak metalwrap Alumaguard cover.

Fiesta LTD.

Acrylic Awning with Alumaguard. Same as Fiesta, but with woven acrylic fabric, protected by Alumaguard cover.

Standard Alumaguard: Choose from satin, black, or white to wrap our premium acrylic canopies.

Fabric Colors:

Choose from vinyl, standard acrylic, or custom acrylic colors. Get custom color factory orders in a week!

Arms, NEW! FLXguard, & Alumaguard Colors:

White, Black, or Satin

View fabric options and hardware color swatches