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RV Awning Fabric Protection

Increase the longevity of your RV awning with Carefree's Fabric Protection.

If not properly protected, sunlight, rain, dirt and debris can wreak havoc on your awning fabric when it is closed or rolled up while traveling to your next destination. Don't let the elements degrade your awning fabric by leaving it unprotected. Safeguard your awning with your choice of Carefree's Fabric Protection options.

Carefree offers four distinct Fabric Protection options; Vinyl Weatherguard, FLXguard®, Alumaguard, and Uniguard.

Vinyl Weatherguard

Vinyl WeatherGuard is a heavy-duty section of vinyl that also rolls up with your awning to protect it from the elements.

  • Best-priced fabric protection option
  • Comes standard with Carefree's Premium Vinyl, Dune Strips, Shale Fades, Classic Favorites and Full-View fabrics
  • Available in black, white or matching fabric color


FLXguard® is a new, proprietary polymer developed and offered exclusively by Carefree, that rolls up with your awning to protect it from the elements. FLXguard is flexible, lightweight, robust, and gives your fabric the same protection as more expensive, heavier metal wraps - at a fraction of the cost.

  • Sleek, contoured, one-piece construction provides maximum fabric protection without the weight, cost or maintenance of metal wraps
  • Creates a smooth, polished appearance when awning is closed
  • Flexibility of a fabric but the toughness of metal
  • Welded to awning fabric, eliminating any sewn seams or bulky hems
  • Available in black, white and satin


Alumaguard is an aluminum-wrap that encloses your fabric roller assembly automatically as your awning is rolled up. It catches and channels water away, protecting your fabric from the elements.

  • Made from aluminum for maximum durability and protection
  • Patented, 3-point design
  • Comprised of several aluminum slats that hinge and wrap around your retracted awning canopy, providing unsurpassed protection
  • Available in black, white and satin


Uniguard is a single-piece, aluminum wrap designed to both protect your awning fabric and streamline the look of your awning when it is closed.

  • Made from aluminum for maximum durability and protection
  • Single-piece design offers sleek appearance that blends into RV sidewall perfectly
  • Lifts automatically upon retraction to accept fabric roller
  • Available in black, white or satin

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